1. Wipe drive and install windows
  2. Create temp user and login
  3. in computer management set Local Admin pw and activate Admin account
  4. log into Admin account and delete temp account
  5. license windows
  6. bind windows to rotsaert2.local domain
  7. login with EDW or Removables
  8. Make EDW or Removables part of admin group
  9. Clean up windows junk (start menu etc)
  10. Map \\rots012 to M: and \\rots013 to R:
  11. Install Software:
  12. Chrome
  13. Labtrac (Including dependencies) \\server2\labtrac\client
    Copy contents of client to
    C:\Program Files\Inventrix\Labtrac
    Install CrystalXI and VB Runtime dependancies
    Shortcut Labtrac to start and taskbar
  14. ExoCAD
    Copy current gold to C:\
    Shortcut DentalDB to Start
    Install framework in IT\Installers\Exo
  15. Collab (ET_Share, Tech, Medit files
    Uncheck Medit Link during install, and choose to link ExoCAD during install, and navigate to C:\\HPR...DentalDB...\bin\DentalDB.exe
  16. 3DViewer
  17. Set wallpaper to Rotsaert or EDW from G:\Common\Logos




dentalsysteminstaller 17

Network Client